Seattle and Puget Sound disability attorneys, Douglas Drachler McKee & Gilbrough, LLP, offer advice on proving the disabling nature of your symptoms

As experienced Seattle and Puget Sound disability attorneys, we suggest you take these five simple steps to help ensure that the Social Security decision-maker gets an accurate picture of the disabling nature of your symptoms:

  1. See a doctor. If you have not already done so, have a doctor evaluate your medical condition and document your symptoms. If the objective medical evidence does not support your alleged symptoms, then the Social Security decision-maker will not consider those symptoms in evaluating your claim for benefits.
  2. Follow your doctor’s orders. With limited exceptions, failure to follow a prescribed course of treatment will hurt your case. It may even result in a denial of benefits.
  3. Keep good records. Maintain a file that holds the current contact information for all your treatment providers, and a list or calendar that indicates the date of every visit to one of these providers. Maintain a list of your current medications. Keep all of your empty prescription bottles, as a way of tracking your medication history.
  4. Be consistent in describing your symptoms and limitations to your doctors and to the Social Security Administration. Contradictory statements will hurt your credibility.
  5. Keep a symptom diary. A symptom diary can take many forms, from a traditional handwritten journal to a computerized spreadsheet. Any means of routinely recording your symptoms over an extended period of time will suffice. Use a symptom diary to record, for example, asthma-related events; fatigue and sleep patterns; headaches and related symptoms; pain triggers and the location, intensity and duration of the pain. A symptom diary can be persuasive evidence at your disability hearing, especially if, as is usually the case, you have to endure a long delay between the time you request a hearing and the actual date of the hearing. Having a written record of your symptoms will help you provide the kind of detailed testimony that will be most persuasive to the judge.

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